I Hate Roaches

Lately we’ve had some unwanted guests in our apartment,

Mainly in the insect department.

We usually have a great system,

To find and kill them.

I’m the detection,

And Jolynne’s the protection.

But she’s left me for the day,

And I can’t keep my nerves at bay.

As night approaches,

I’m getting more and more afraid of roaches.

Something touches me out of nowhere,

And I hear my heartbeat blare.

I swipe at my arm,

Before I realize it was just a false alarm.

I carry on like its no big deal,

Even though on the inside that’s the opposite of how I feel.

While cleaning house as a distraction,

I spot a monster of insect extraction,

Only this time it’s not an abstraction.

I see it scurry from the corner of my eye,

And I’m not going to lie,

I feel like jumping off my balcony to die.

What do you do,

When you don’t have your knight in shining armor to protect you?

God I wish she was here,

To cast away my fear.

For you see,

Jolynne’s reputation has a dark underbelly.

She’s normally known to be sweet, generous and calm,

But when it comes to ruthlessly murdering bugs she has no qualm.

Around these parts,

There’s a rumor she collects insect hearts.

Those who say cockroaches could survive a nuclear outbreak,

Have never witnessed the total carnage Jolynne leaves in her wake.

All insects are mere fodder,

For her fly-swatter.

And look at me all frantic for a gun,

Just to kill one!


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