Job Search

It is my opinion that there should be another inquisition,

Only instead of religion,

It would target those with ambition,

So that when I apply for jobs there would be no competition.

Office Job

Meet bob, he’s a veteran at an office job.

He just received recognition, for working 25 years in the same position.

He’s never late and his productivity is first-rate, but he has trouble accepting his fate.

So he makes a deal with himself, that is absolutely terrible for his health.

If he can make it through his shifts, he will reward himself with sweet little gifts.

Some candy here and a pastry there, and now he can’t stand the sight of himself in his underwear.

He goes on a diet just to try it.

It runs its course with little to no effect, because he can’t recognize the true source of his defect.

That his food obsession, is brought on by depression

Sick Time

When your over-worked and need a break,

These are things you seriously contemplate:

Find someone who looks unhealthily sick,

Go up to them and stealthily lick.

Drive while distracted on the phone,

So you might crash and break a bone.

Bite your nails after touching escalator rails,

Because of the germs that entails.

Suppress your inner-diva,

And jump into a cesspool hoping for an amoeba.


Open your mind,

And think about the life you want to leave behind.

From which do you have the most to gain:

To remain in familiar terrain,

Or go against the grain?

The path of least resistance,

Provides subsistence,

But not much of an existence.

While the path least taken,

Will awaken,

A life hitherto forsaken.

Whatever your selection,

I hope this personal inspection,

Will help you choose with circumspection.