Sick Time

When your over-worked and need a break,

These are things you seriously contemplate:

Find someone who looks unhealthily sick,

Go up to them and stealthily lick.

Drive while distracted on the phone,

So you might crash and break a bone.

Bite your nails after touching escalator rails,

Because of the germs that entails.

Suppress your inner-diva,

And jump into a cesspool hoping for an amoeba.


Open your mind,

And think about the life you want to leave behind.

From which do you have the most to gain:

To remain in familiar terrain,

Or go against the grain?

The path of least resistance,

Provides subsistence,

But not much of an existence.

While the path least taken,

Will awaken,

A life hitherto forsaken.

Whatever your selection,

I hope this personal inspection,

Will help you choose with circumspection.