It’s a deliciously ironic treat,

When a celebrity gets heat,

From some show on Fox News,

For expressing their political views,

When so many conservative Trumpers,

Who still got “Hillary For Prison” on their bumpers,

Stay hurling petty insults,

SIX months after the election results.

Sheer Dress Shirt

Getting ready to go on an interview,

For a job I’m actually qualified to do,

Finally a chance to put my career on track,

I just can’t afford another setback,

Figure I should at least dress the part,

So I’m trying my best to look smart,

And as I style my hair and adjust my tie,

My confidence is at an all time high,

When it’s time to head out the door,

I have no second thoughts about what I wore,

Because my mind is focused on success,

And the type of skills I want to impress,

But I don’t get very far,

Just about halfway to my car,

Before the sun hits my shirt a certain way,

Putting my nipples on full display,

And since I’m already running late,

I have no choice but to accept my sorry fate.