It’s a deliciously ironic treat,

When a celebrity gets heat,

From some show on Fox News,

For expressing their political views,

When so many conservative Trumpers,

Who still got “Hillary For Prison” on their bumpers,

Stay hurling petty insults,

SIX months after the election results.

My Ego

‚ÄčSometimes I sense my ego is taking cues,

From a Russian spreading fake news.

**Internal Dialogue**

Me: Do you really think she’s into me?

Ego: According to my sources it appears to be.

Me: Yeah but she hasn’t shown any interest.

Ego: What counts is what you feel in your chest.

Me: But what about the fact that we’ve never spoken.

Ego: Facts are imediments meant to be broken.

Me: Well her eyes did lock on mine one time.

Ego: There’s your sign.

Me: Is that enough evidence to act on?

Ego: She’s aching for a romantic liaison.

Me: Wow this is exactly what I want to hear.

Ego: That’s what your ego is for my dear.